Rotary Club - Trade Aid

Box Numbers

Box Numbers Project Date Details
1254 -1273 Kenya 21 July 2021

Annual contribution to Kenya Youth Initiative Project of 20 boxes comprising, Builder, Carpenter, Electricial, Auto Mechanic and Plumber

1274 - 1283 Kenya, Ahero V T C 21 July 2021

These boxes comprising, Builder, Carpenter, Tailor, Elecrtrical and Welder. arre saen to complement boxes already saent to increase the training facilities at Ahero VTC

1240 -1253 Ghana 30 November 2020

The annual contribution to the Wulugu Project in Northern Ghana of ten boxes was supplemented by 2 boxes of computer equipment

1236 - 1239 Ivory Coast 09 June 2020

4 boxes including Builder, Carpenter, Tailor and Teacher sent in conjunction with Roll A Barrell and Paddinton Rotary

1206 - 1230 Kenya 21 May 2020

 Annual contribution to KYOPI of 25 boxes for equiping thraining workshops

1231 - 1235 Kenya 21 May 2020

Five boxes to Ahero Vocational Training Schene to increase training capabilities

1170 Kenya 08 April 2020

One tailor boxes taken to Friends of Kaianjai as additional luggage

1171 - 1174 Uganda 08 April 2020

Carpenter and tailor boxes to the Organisation of Parents with Deaf Children

1180 - 1182 PhysioNet UK 08 April 2020

Special boxes for servicing wheelchairs to go with their containers of orthopaedic equipment sent to various countries

1183 - 1188 Moldova 08 April 2020

Builder, Carpenter, Electrical and Plumber boxes take by members of TEECH to build bathrooms and toilets in remote schools, then left with schools for trainings students

1189 - 1199 Ghana 08 April 2020

Our annual contribution to the Wulugu Project in Northern Ghana to relieve poverty among the young girls

1200 - 1203 Zambia 08 April 2020

Lakesure Hope and Relief specialise in treating road accident people. they were given carpenter and plumber boxes to enable victims to learn a trade

1204 - 1206 UK 08 April 2020

Builder boxes were donated to the Doncaster clubs to help with rebuilding after the flooding of Fishlake

1122 - 1131 Kenya 08 June 2019

10 boxes comprising Carpenter, Builder and tailor have been sent to the Ahero Vocational Training Centre in Homa County to set up a new training workshop

1132 - 1135 Uganda 08 June 2019

4 Specialised boxes have gone to the Jaipur Lmb Project to set up a new workshop within the Kangondo Hospital in Kasese for producing artificial limbs

1136 - 1143 Sierra Leone 08 June 2019

Practial Tools Initiative are benefitting from carpenter and tailor boxes to train young offenders on release from prison to help them obtain employment

1144 - 1153 Kenya 08 June 2019

The Mongoni Vocational Training Centre recevied 10 boxes comprising builder, carpenter, tailor and electrical to extend the curriculum

1154 - 1163 Kenya 08 June 2019

10 boxes comprising Builder, plumber carpenter and electrical have gone to the Moraka Vocational Training Centre to establish a new workshop 

1164 - 1169 Malawi 08 June 2019

A further 6 tailor boxes have been sent to the Sisters of Charity in Konzalendo to be given to the latest students qualifying after their education and training

1029 to 1035 Moldova 04 February 2019

2 Carpenter, 2 Builder, 2 Plumber and 2 Electrial boxes were delivered to TEECH for use in installing bathrooms and toilets in remote schools in Moldova. The tools are then used by the schools to train the students into a trade.