Rotary Club - Trade Aid

Box List

This is a list of boxes, box types and the organisations we have sent them to.

Box Numbers Project Date Details
1029 to 1035 Moldova 04 February 2019

2 Carpenter, 2 Builder, 2 Plumber and 2 Electrial boxes were delivered to TEECH for use in installing bathrooms and toilets in remote schools in Moldova. The tools are then used by the schools to train the students into a trade.

1055 to 1064 Wulugu Project 04 February 2019

10 Tailor boxes were delivered to the Nagboo School, part of the Wulugo Project, to train the young girls to become competent dressmkers

1065 Malawi 04 February 2019

A Carpenter box was presented to the Mtsirza Scool by the Rotary Club of Lilongwe on behalf of Trade Aid

1069 to 1072 Kenya 04 February 2019

Four tailor boxes were taken as additional luggage by Friends of Kianjai members on  their recent vist to the project

1075 to 1080 Uganda 04 February 2019

Kyarumba Youth Project has benefitted with a further deleivery of Carpenter and Mechanic boxes

1081 to 1086 Malawi 04 February 2019

The Sisters of Charity in Konzaledo have received 6 Tailor boxes to donate to their students who have graduated from their training course

1095 to 1104 Malawi 04 February 2019

A further 10 Carpenter boxes have been delivered to the Sisters of Charity in Konzalendo for the carpenter students who have just qualified

1106 to 1120 Northern Ghana 04 February 2019

15 Tailor boxes have been delivered to the Wulugu Project as part of our ongoing commitment to send them boxes on an annual basis. 5 of these boxes were donated by the Rotary Club of Bournemouth in clebration of their centenary

1008 to 1017 Kenya, Tegemeo Disabled Person Institute 23 September 2018

Ten boxes have been delivered to by Tegemeo for training and education people with physical disabilities and to give them self reliance

1018 to 1027 Kenya, Boychild Agenda International 23 September 2018

Ten boxes consisting of Builder, Carpenter, Mechanic and Tailor have been sent to help with youth empowerment, HIV/AIDS awareness and rehabilitation programme

989 to 999 Kenya, Homa Bay County Youth Project 23 September 2018

Eleven boxes were sent to the Youth Project to be diastributed between four schools in the area to enhance the education of their children

1000-1001 Mountford Special Needs College 09 October 2017

Our Thousanth box preseted to Rotary Club of Edgbaston for presentation to the Mountford College

1002 - 1007 Sisters of Charity, Konzalendo, MaLawi 09 October 2017

Six tailor boxes have been sent to be presented to the qualifying students at the end of their training

1029 -1034 TEECH, Moldova 09 October 2017

A further six Trade Aid Boxes presented to TEECH to further their work in installing bathrooms and toilets in schools in remote areas of Moldova

982 to 988 PENHA 01 March 2017

Two teacher, two carpenter, one builder, one mechanic and one tailor box heve been sent to PENHA (Paastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa) for use in the villages around Hargeisa in Northern Somaliland to help the communities develop and become self-sufficient

977 to 979 Zambia 17 January 2017

Three Tailor boxes have been given to the Rotary Club of Nkwhazi in recognition of the help they give to Trade Aid in receiving and distributing our boxes in Zambia.

The boxes will be used in the local schools

959 to 968 Malawi, Konzalendo 10 January 2017

These ten Carpenter boxes were sent to the Sisters of Charity Mission on Konzalendo, six of the boxes were then given to the students who had qualified this year and the remainder retained for use in the training workshop

975 Malawi - Mtsirza LEA School, Lilongwe 10 January 2017

A further box has been sent to the Mtsirza School on behalf of the Rotary Club of Huntingdon

980 Malawi. 10 January 2017

One Teacher box has been sent to the Pempero School in Lilongwe on behalf of the Rotary Club of Jedburgh

925 to 932 Malawi - Mtsirza LEA School, Lilongwe 20 December 2016

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Northampton Becket Trade Aid sent 2 Tailor, 4 Carpenter, 1 Mechanic and 1 Builder box which were part of a Disrict Grant to set up a new voactional training section