Rotary Club - Trade Aid

About Us

Trade Aid provides Boxes of new tools and equipment to enable people in remote areas to resume or start earning a living and start a business.

These people may have lost their means of earning a living due to a natural or man-made disaster or may have left school at an early stage without having learnt a trade.

The initial six Boxes were:  Builder, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Mechanic, Tailor/Seamstress and Teacher. A Handyman Box was later added, and customised Boxes can be provided to meet special needs.

The organisations receiving the Boxes are carefully selected to ensure that the Boxes are collected and used by those we know will put them to effective use.

Since the scheme was started in 2007 Trade Aid has supplied 1100 Boxes for 200 Projects in 35 Countries.

Seamstress / tailor box in use in Zambia
  • Some of our boxes being delivered in Kenya
  • A trade box received by a community group in Kenya
  • One of our seamstress / tailor boxes put to good use in Malawi
  • A box being unpacked in Nepal
  • Box presentation in Rwanda